Things To Do In Hickory North Carolina

Hickory is a city with around 40,000 people and it’s located mainly in the county of Catawba, North Carolina. If you’re looking for a great place in NC to visit, then consider going to Hickory. While there, you’ll want to do these things.

Museum Of Art
Located in downtown is the Hickory Museum of Art, which hosts an array of events and exhibitions. Public educational programs are held there too. It is a great place to visit and you can easily spend an hour or two there. There is an impressive collection of American art, as well as Southern contemporary folk art.

It’s worth noting that the museum is the second oldest one in the entire state. The Hickory Museum of Art was established in 1944. It is the perfect place to visit in the middle of the week, the weekend or whenever for that matter.

Jacob Fork Park
Located in the area is Jacob Fork Park, which sits on 100 acres, so you can easily spend an entire day there relaxing or taking part in a number of activities. For example, there are two softball fields located within the park and there are a number of restrooms and bleachers. There’s also a concessions building.

In the future, the park will have two soccer fields. A picnic shelter will also be built there. For now, you can spend time relaxing, walking or picnicking at Jacob Fork Park. There are other activities you can do there, but those are some of the most popular ones.

Geitner-Rotary Park  
There are many reasons why this park has dozens and dozens of positive reviews. One of those reasons is because it is a waterfront park that offers great views of the water. There’s a boat ramp on-site, so if you have a boat, feel free to bring it to this park.

There’s no shortage of hiking trails here and there are picnic areas. If you’re a fan of fishing and looking for a nice quaint place to do it at, then look no further than Geitner-Rotary Park.There’s are paved bike-way paths located at the park too, so make sure to bring your bike with you if you visit this park.

If you’re ready to visit Hickory, then book a trip today. Make sure to research various places to stay at and book in at the place you like the most. Visit Hickory today and check out the above attractions. You might like it there so much that you’ll decide to move there.

Author: Tommy Gaines