Hickory North Carolina Things To Do For Your Vacation

The things to do in Hickory NC are going to find you enjoying yourself for sure. There are some interesting places of interest waiting for you and your family. There is even an aviation museum on this short list. I’m going to cover four of the top attractions to get your vacation started right. These adventures and more are waiting for you as you make your way to Hickory NC.

Let’s start with the Hickory Aviation Museum. It is located at 3101 9th Avenue Dr NW, and you don’t have to pay admission for this adventure. That’s pretty neat in and of itself. Yes, it’s a smaller aviation museum, but it is certainly a unique place for you to visit when you are in the Hickory area. The place was once used for commerical flights, so this is an old smaller airport that has been turned into a museum. Who knows what all you are going to find there. It should make for a neat little excursion.

Hickory Museum of Art is one of the places that you might want to visit as well. Located at 243 3rd Avenue NE, Hickory Museum of Art also features a gift shop. Pictures of the museum’s interior look very nice. This should be quite the art museum for a smaller city, and it is definitely a stop that you might want to plan while enjoying your vacation in Hickory NC.

The Harper House and Hickory History Center is your next stop, and it is located at 310 North Center Street. The beautiful home is representation of Victorian architecture, and it features Queen Anne interior decorations and styling. You will have a tour guide, and so you get to learn quite a few interesting facts about the history of Hickory when visiting The Harper House.

Maple Grove is another historical site to visit while you are in Hickory. It is located at 542 2nd Street NE, and reviews say that it’s like a walk back in time. People say it is a good idea to contrast this home with The Harper House mentioned above. So these would be two attractions to pair together so that you learn even more about the history of the beautiful city of Hickory NC. That’s your short list of four attractions to get you started, and now you are ready for vacation and good times.

Author: Tommy Gaines